Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy First Birthday Carter, Brenna, and Emily! Their real birthday was on the 18th, but today was the party day! My friend Aimee's triplets are a year old, I cannot believe it! They boys and I had a great time. How can you go wrong with a pool, swings, a double slip-and-slide, and a bouncy castle? And three cute babies for me!

the trio



EmilyJustin in the bouncy castle
Brenna and Sean
Brian and Carter

And to finish off the fun day, Sean decided to try the hula hoop. I really cannot do it justice with words, so you will just have to watch. And be prepared to laugh. It's okay, I did! I could barely take the video! It is only a few seconds long, so feel free to watch it again to get the full effect!


~V~ said...

Kimber that video is hilarious! Love the wiggle...ha!

Aimee said...

Aww, you're more on top of things than i am!! I have no pictures up yet! Love the hula hoop. I missed that in person. Thanks again for coming, it was great to see you and the boys.