Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fishes and Fishes and Sharks!

We were given free passes to the Camden Aquarium and decided to go today. We waited until after Justin's nap and lunch, so everyone was rested and had a full belly! The aquarium got redone last year and with the baby we hadn't been in a while.

Justin had a great time and I am sure added about one million or so fingerprints to the tanks. He was pointing at the fish and sharks and rays and seals. He liked the penguins and the jellyfish too! Brian and Sean touched a shark, a jellyfish, a starfish, and a sting ray. They were so brave - but wanted to see me do it first. Luckily they have a Mom willing to touch all of these creatures!

The sharks and rays have really rough skin, almost like sandpaper. The starfish was a little rough and bumpy and the jellyfish felt like Jello Jigglers! The hippos were a big hit, as was the shark tunnel! We got to see the seals being fed and the penguins playing. Usually we see divers in the shark tanks but we didn't today.

After the aquarium, we walked along the Delaware river. The boys liked throwing stones into the water and Justin really liked the ducks and geese. We walked down to a small marina and looked at the boats. We could even see the USS NJ docked in the distance. I still want to get the boys there one day! Everyone was really tired when we arrived home. Justin took his second nap and the boys vegged out with a movie!

Sean touching a jellyfish
Brian touching a jellyfish
I gave up trying to get them all to look!
cool jellyfish picture
the boys being eaten by a shark!
Brian touching a shark
Sean touching a shark
Sean wanted a picture with SpongeBob
Sean and more jellyfish
turtle surfing
Justin trying to get the horse shoe crabs Justin pointing at the fishmore fishlove this picture
(his reflection makes it look as if he is in the tank!)shark jaw from dinosaur time

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Aimee said...

You guys have been busy!! Love the shoe "story", that is sooo cute.