Monday, August 11, 2008

Looking for ligthning bugs!

I love this picture, there is something so cute about pictures from behind. The boys are all huddled together looking for lightning bugs. I am not sure Justin knows what he is looking for, but he sure loves doing what his brothers are doing! I know he is so proud and happy to be included in whatever they are doing! Big brothers are great - most of the time! And so are little brothers - most of the time!

Brian, Justin, and Sean


Nic said...

Very sweet picture!!! I love kids looking out of windows (especially if it keeps them quiet)

Thanks for popping in to say hello xx

Kathy V said...

I love that picture too. Pictures like that are awesome. Next time give them a jar and let them go outside and actually catch some. (to be released later)Justin would probably get a kick out of their glowing butts.