Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Go Riversharks!

Brian got tickets to a suite at the Rivershark's baseball game tonight! His boss and some of his co-workers went and we had the rest of the tickets to invite some friends! We got there early and all of the kids got to go under the stadium and greet the players as they came out of the locker room. It was so hot under the stadium! And not just hot because it was August. It was sauna like, I think we all lost five pounds! The kids were given posters and some of the players even signed autographs for the kids!

After that the kids got to post for a picture in the dugout. Then Brian Jr. and Brian's boss's son got to throw out the first pitches of the game! Brian did a great job, but wasn't happy that his toss was a little high. That is just Brian being Brian though!

Next we went up to the suite to enjoy the game. The Riversharks won and played really well! Kids and adults alike had a great time. Finley the shark mascot even came up to visit us in the suite. The kids were all hiding from him and Finley pretended to find them when he came in! Even Justin liked Finley!

After the game, the kids got to run around the bases on the field! They usually only allow this on Friday nights, but it was arranged specially for the kids in our suite! It is really great and they feel so important running out on the field where the players run too!

It was a late night and everyone slept in the next morning! Which was just great!

Brian and Sean on the field before the gameJustin loving the space to run aroundgetting autographs under the stadiumin the dugoutall the kids - 11 of them in one suiteFinley's visitJustin saying Hi!getting ready to run the bases
(no pictures of running because I had to get video!)

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