Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The eyes have it!

I put Justin in his high chair for dinner and got a rag to clean him up first. It was then that I noticed he had developed a green tint in a few places. Hmmm.

on his hands
on his feet
on his back
Then the conversation with Brian and Sean went something like this:
Me -"I wonder how Justin got green marker all over himself?"
Sean - "I don't know"
Brian -"I was not even using markers today!"
Me - "Sean, did you draw on Justin?"
Sean - "Nope. Not Me. Maybe it was Roc (the dog) or Daddy or Grandmom."
Me - "I am asking you again, Did you draw on Justin?"
The next picture was the face I got after asking him again. Judge for yourself, guilty or not?

Note the wide eyes and silly grin. He is definitely trying to look cute and cover something up at the same time. Not a good combination for trying to look innocent. How in the world did I ever think I could lie to my parents and fool them! Sean finally admitted to his art work, well sort of.

Sean - "Justin liked it and he was laughing."
Me - "So you did draw on Justin."
Sean - "Well, he told me to do it. I think he likes green."

And that is about as straight as an answer as I ever got out of him. Actually I don't think he ever admits to anything in a clear way. Smart, smart boy! I am in so much trouble! I hope he never learns to lie with a straight face! I think the Eagles said it well in their song Lyin' Eyes - "You can't hide your lyin' eyes and your smile is a thin disguise. I thought by now you'd realize, there ain't now way to hide you lyin' eyes."


My name is Andy. said...

Great story and you might have a future lawyer in the making or maybe a poker player... he just has to work on his tells!

Jaymee said...

Too funny. I would have gone with "He must be growing a mold." I guess you clean out your fridge better than my mother did.


seriously? said...

Here from ICLW. That is a funny story. I think you have a future lawyer on your hands!

Kristin said...

What a funny boy you have. Thanks for stopping by my blog (The Fertile Infertile).

Nic said...

The Dog....omg, so funny! Thank you!

Your blog really makes me smile.

Jamie said...

hehe :) You have to admit, it is pretty cute. :)


Kate said...

Ha! I had the same response when I fed my brother dog food! :) Here from ICLW

Rachel said...

I love Sean stories! That boy cracks me up and I do think you might be in trouble with him the smarter and older he gets!