Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drenched at Lincoln Financial Field!

Brian, Brian Jr., my Mom, and I went to the Eagles game tonight. It was just a pre-season game, but we were really excited anyway. Part of the excitement was due to the fact that we had passes to go down on the sidelines of the field to watch warm-ups! It was nothing short of amazing to be a matter of feet from the players. The stats on TV seen impressive but I could have never imagined the size of some of them! Brian knows one of the coaches, so Brian Jr. walked away with a coaches hat and a real practice ball! It has the NFL logo and is even stamped with EAGLES! He is still trying to recover from that! In a good way. He went to bed with the football tonight! And I am sure he won't let it out of his sight for many nights to come!

Brian on the fieldpicture with Jason Avant -WRstanding next to Harold Carmichael
(former Eagle and now Director of Player Programs)Brian a little happy with his footballgetting his ball signed by DeSean Jackson -WR
(a rookie who had a great game!)Brian Westbrook -RB
(check out those legs)Sheldon Brown - CBwarming upDonovan McNabb - QBDeSean Jackson-
before he caught the punt, he threw
the ball in his hands up, caught the punt,
and then caught the ball he originally had!more warming upBrian Westbrook running for a passa view of the stadium
huddled-up before the start
After we watched the warm-ups we went to our seats. We were in the end zone - five rows from the field!!! We had a great view and were all so excited to watch the game! But, part way through the first quarter it started to rain. At first it wasn't too bad, but then we saw lightning everywhere. The game was postponed for severe weather and everyone had to leave the open seating area. I am glad the weather never got more severe because it took forever to file out to safety! We got a snack and waited around about an hour.

They did start the game again just as we were leaving but by then it was pouring. Cats and dogs pouring. Wiping the water off your face to see pouring. Since we had no foul weather gear, we decided to leave and hopefully make it back to another game this season! Of course, as soon as we got home the rain ended. And to top it all off, the Eagles came back to win with 24 points in the end of the fourth quarter! And the end zone where they scored those points is the end zone we were sitting in. We would have probably been on TV - numerous times! Oh well!
Brian in his seat
(with his hat and ball close by)
the view from our seats

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Aimee said...

WOW!!!! How happy is Brian? I have one VERY jealous hubby over here!! :)