Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three Months Down!

Can you believe we are three months into the wait for our daughter? Me either! I have no idea where the summer has gone, and I am sure that it will soon be 2009 and will have no idea where the last year has gone! We are still looking at referral at the earliest March and probably at the latest May. So, if we say the longest is 12 months, then we are on quarter or 25% of the way there! We have moved past the first quarter and into the second, but if you count in trimesters like a pregnancy, we have one more month to go in the first!

No word on our I-600A except that it was received and signed for on August 1st. We are not waiting for our finger print appointment. And after that the approval. Just one of the many steps to cross off the list.

We have our last PIP (Parents In Process) Meeting at our adoption agency next Tuesday. Another thing to cross off! Yippee! I think this one will deal with issues like the child's medical report and background information for after we receive a referral. Then it will cover adjustment to our family and attachment and bonding issues. I think there will also be information about support systems and parenting styles. I am looking forward to it!

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