Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Berries Only!

I walked into the kitchen today and found Crunch Berry Cereal all over the floor with the box next to it. No kids in sight. And even more strange, no dog in sight with food on the floor! Something else was off, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. It took a minute - or ten - but then I realized what it was. There was only crunch on the floor and no berries!!! Where had all the berries gone?

A few minutes later a little boy walked in holding the bag of cereal. He sat himself down on the floor and began to take handfuls of cereal out of the bag. Did he eat them? Nope. He opened his hand and unloaded them all over the kitchen floor!

After he had deposited a few handfuls onto the floor, he sat and studied them for a bit. Notice the dog now in the background waiting for the little boy to leave so that he can have a snack too.

Then the little boy picked through the cereal, choosing only the best and most ripe berries. The crunch, he left that behind. I guess there were not enough artificial colors in the crunch for his sophisticated taste buds. He shoveled the pink and green berries into his mouth. And when he could stuff no more into his swollen cheeks, he took his bag of cereal and left the scene.

He did glance back for one quick second to make sure the dog was doing his job. You see, the dog is not picky. He will eat the crunch, with or without the berries. The little boy hoped that the dog would hurry so that soon there would be no evidence of his evil doings!


Anonymous said...

THAT is hilarious!

I'm impressed by the puppy's restraint. My dog would have been eating them as soon as they hit the floor.

Anonymous said...

Ok that was so funny! Sounds like something my child would do..

AprilMay said...

LOL! That is so funny! And Justin is soooo cute!