Monday, February 9, 2009

The Evening News

I finished watching a show from 10-11pm last night and then the news came on. I decided to see what the headlines were, and then judge whether or not I wanted to stay up a little longer. Most of the time, I admit, I do not watch the news. Most of it is not fit for the kids to see during the day, and to tell the truth it really does depress me. I know I will be out of the loop when a current events conversation comes up, but I just cannot stomach all the bad in the world. And it seems that most of the news is bad news. Who wants to hear bad news all the time? So, tonight we had:

1. Wildfires in Australia
2. String of arson fires leads to a curfew in a nearby town
3. Three alarm fire in a nearby town
4. Dancing With The Stars cast revealed

Are they really serious? How in the world can you put DWTS celebrity dancers in the same segment as wildfires, arson, and house fires? What is this world coming too? I may not be a fan of DWTS, but I know there are many people that watch it. But even if you are one of the show's biggest fans, I doubt you would categorize the secret reveal of the dancers as front page news. Or maybe you would and I am the one with the problem? What do you think - newsworthy or not?

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Anonymous said...

No - but don't count on me I have never seen an episode of Dancing With the Stars...