Saturday, February 7, 2009

Frosty the Clone Trooper

Sean had to make a snowman for a school project. It could be any kind of snowman that he wanted - cowboy, football player, mouse etc. Of course, the top hat and button face snowman was not what Sean had in mind. He wanted a Clone Trooper snowman. And could I please draw him one. Uh, honey, Mommy can barely draw a stick person, let alone a Star Wars guy. So we compromised.

I spent a few minutes tracing some circles and a few hours on the photos. Every one that I printed out was either too big or too small. (The snowman had to be approximately 12 in. tall) And in some images the face was turned to the side, but the body was perfect. Then in others I couldn't use the arms because of the huge guns cradled in them. So, I spent most of my precious evening, when I wanted to be watching my shows, trying to resize the images on our scanner. In the end, the head, body, and arms all came from a different image! I may not be very artistic, but I am resourceful and diligent!

I think I finally managed to make it look acceptable, the arms might be a little long, but hey, it was getting late. And his project was already past due! The note about the project got lost in the huge paper abyss on our dining room table. Good thing his pre-K projects will not count against him for college!

I was so proud of my work that I went upstairs to wake Sean up and show it to him. They had only been in bed about 45 min, so it was not like I was waking him up at 2 am! They were both fast asleep though... I called Sean's name a few times and nothing. So, like a good Mom, I walked over and turned on the light. When I called him again, he jumped up and looked at me out of one squinted eye. He said, "Mom, WHAT are you doing to me!!!" I said, "Sorry buddy. I just wanted to show you that I finished the snowman." He managed to get his other eye open and the expression on his face immediately changed. He said, "Wow! That is so great Mom! I will have the best snowman ever!" With that he tucked himself under the covers and closed his eyes. As I walked toward the door, I noticed a faint smile still upon his lips!

Mission accomplished! And now I am Super Mom! And the best part - not even a paper cut for my efforts! I wonder if he will remember how it felt to be jolted out of sleep. Maybe he will realize how hard it is to respond pleasantly when you are awoken from a deep asleep. There you are having a wondrous dream about kids that listen or a clean house or an island vacation, then you suddenly feel warmth on your face. Could it be the tropical breeze from your dream? You start to rouse a bit, and reality sets in. You open your eyes and there is a small little creature breathing on you, so close that you cannot even focus on it. When it speaks you recognize it as one of your own. The fear subsides, but now you know that you will not be getting back to your dream any time soon!

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