Tuesday, February 17, 2009

George and Grandmom

I was helping Sean tie his shoes this morning and asked him what he has been learning in school.

Sean - nothing
Me - I thought you were learning about George Washington?
Sean - Oh, yea.
Me - Well, what did you learn?
Sean - He was the first president.
Me - Good. President of what.
Sean - Hmmm. I think New Jersey.
(well at least he has the right country)
Brian - No, Sean! The United States!
Sean - Waaahhhhhhh! AHHHHHHH!
Me - Do you think it was a long time ago or a short time ago?
Sean - A long time.
Me - Was Mommy born yet?
Sean- Nooooooo!
Me - How about Grandmom?
Sean - Well, I think she was a baby.
Brian - (laughing hysterically)
Me - Sean George Washington was president 220 years ago.
Sean - Oh, well maybe she was still in her mom's belly.

From here I just let it go, I knew there was no explaining it to him. To him, his five years have been an eternity. I just love how kids really have no concept of time. It is funny to see them guess ages and try to get their brains to comprehend how long ago 220 years was. Forget about trying to explain how long ago dinosaurs lived. And as you get older, you think 220 years was really not that long ago. Sigh.

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