Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Justin is 21 Months!

Wow, we are really closing in on Justin being two years old! He still doesn't say much but is really starting to babble a bit more. I can tell that he is getting frustrated when he cannot communicate what he wants, so maybe he will be motivated to speak more! Justin has started saying please for things, but mistakenly things that saying please should get him whatever he desires and whenever he wants it!

I think he has grown a lot this winter - his pants and sleeves are all getting short! We are finally moving into the 18-24 months size. But his little skinny bum still fits in size 3 diapers! Well, they come more to a pack for the same price! He really loves his brothers and tries so hard to copy what they do. This includes temper tantrums, which he has officially mastered! The positive is that I have already learned the best thing to do is to ignore him so the tantrums are very short lived!

He loves cartoons and will yell no while pointing to the TV if there is a show on that he does not approve of. This unapproved list is basically any shows without muppets or a talking guinea pig, turtle, and duck, or a band of five animals, one strange one, that sing and go on adventures from their backyards! If you have a young child then you will have no trouble guessing the shows!

Justin's menu has gotten a bit more diverse too! He actually ate spaghetti and meatballs yesterday! And he loves waffles and will scream and yell for the healthy muffins I bake! He, of course, loves donuts and cupcakes too! He will eat just about any kind of fruit - raw, cooked, dried. Oh, and Pop Tarts, don't forget them!!!

He definitely has an opinion about things and most certainly makes it known when he is displeased with the service in this house! I love his smile and his laugh! He is so amazing and brings so much fun and joy to our family!


Aimee said...

Love the new look of the blog! I've been messing with mine a little. How did you do your header with pictures and words??

Kathy V said...

How about singing veggies? Does he like them too?

Last year we bought the enire Frag.gle Rock collection on dvd. We also have every muppet movie plus the muppet shows. at the time we had no children, but tons of movies and shows for children. I sure hope Hailey likes the muppets and the fraggles as much as I do.