Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowball Fight!

We got about two inches or so of snow yesterday. The boys had a two hour delay for school, so it was a nice calm morning. Then last night we decided to start a snowball fight with some of our friends. We parked the van so they wouldn't see and snuck around to the back of their house. We made snowballs along the way and when we reached the back yard we started firing them at their house. This went on for a few minutes. No reaction. No people running to the windows or coming out of the doors. All of their cars were there...very strange.

So, we decided that maybe they went for a walk, so we went to Brian's parents to get them! The boys thought it was such great fun to throw snowballs at their grandparent's house! Their grandmom came out first and was grabbing snow, throwing it at the boys, and then running back inside. The real trouble started when grandpop came out from the back of the house and surprised the boys! They both screamed and started running! Grandpop was too fast for them and quickly tackled them in the snow. (We sure hope he can get out of bed tomorrow!) And not only did he tackle them, but he rubbed snow in their faces and tried to shove it inside their coats!

The boys quickly retreated back in the van. Grandmom and grandpop declared themselves victorious! One the drive home we saw the friends walking home that we had originally tried to ambush! We quickly turned so that they wouldn't see us and drove back to their house. We hid behind their cars and hit them with snow balls! This turned into an all out war for about half an hour! It quickly turned from an us vs. them to kids vs. adults! It was so much fun, and I was tired from chasing them all over the back yard!

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