Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brian Turns 8!!!

Brian's official 8th birthday is today! I have no idea how I have an eight year old! Since he had chocolate cake for his friend party, tonight he wanted ice cream cake! Yum!!!

Where does the time go? Brian is a great kid, but don't get me wrong, like all kids he has his moments. He has his dad's temper and his mom's stubbornness - what a great combination! He is really driven and competitive, especially when it comes to sports. He does well in school but I cannot say that he really enjoys it - except for recess that is!

I think he has really grown up a lot over the past year and has changed so much both physically and mentally. Brian has become a bit more outgoing with each passing year. He will even speak to adults and ask questions himself. He will stay by himself at some one's house and speak up when something is bothering him. Anyone that knew Brian a few years ago will know how huge this is for him - and for me!!

He is a great big brother - aside from the normal sibling fights! He really enjoys playing with Sean and teaching Justin new things. He will read to his brothers and I have seen him protect them numerous times on the playground! His personality is definitely more like mine than his dad's and I can relate to his feeling and emotions in so many ways!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

the cake
waiting to blow out the candlesthinking of a wishJustin sneaking cakerainbow icing hair!

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