Friday, February 13, 2009

Rock Band 2!!!!

I seem to be blogging a lot about my addictions lately. Well, I have a new one. This one has only been for the last month or so. It is called Rock Band, and I am in love! I first started playing it at our friend's house. The husband, R, and his brother-in-law were playing it all the time when we were over. Then one fateful night, I decided to take them up on their offer to play. Big mistake, or not, depending on how you look at it! I first tried the drums, and they were okay. Then the guitar. Oh, the guitar. I have always wanted to play the guitar, and here I am playing with no lessons needed!

It is so much fun! Brian Jr. likes to play too. His birthday is coming up on the 22nd, so I have been trying to find it for him. Next to impossible. It is sold out in stores and online. It cannot even be ordered through Wii! Then today I decided to look on a few websites that list stock updates for their local stores. I was so surprised that two stores within 15 miles were listing Rock Band as being in stock. I called the closest one, no luck. None left. So, I tried the next closest one. One left! And yes they would hold it for me. But only for one hour!

I had no luck getting someone to babysit, so I had to take all the kids with me. Brian, Sean, Justin, Brian's friend N, and M, the little girl I babysit. So it was me and 5 kids off to the store! It actually went pretty well. I didn't tell Brian what we were going for until we got there! He and his friend N were actually jumping up and down in excitement. He got his present a little early, and was still surprised!

We got it home and put everything together. Then Justin and M, had to take a nap. And that meant that Rock Band would have to wait until after they woke up. The boys were a bit disappointed, but soon found something to keep them busy.

The younger ones finally woke up and we all played Rock Band. For the first time, I even did the singing. I guess I needed to break the ice with the little kids who couldn't laugh at me! I won't even pretend to say that I can sing. Or that I have any musical talent. That is the magic of Rock Band - you can be a rock star with no talent at all. And you get to make and style your own character. Even more fantasy fun! I am a young, thin girl. With a long, stylish pony tail, and some cool jewelry. I am wearing a belly (a very flat one, I might add) bearing halter top, with low jeans and kickin' black sneakers! I am cool and I can rock - who would have ever thought!

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