Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beer, Beer, Baby!

I know, I know the words beer and baby should not really be in a sentence together. I have pictures of Brian and Sean with empty beer bottles, so why should Justin be any different. He had a huge smile and was so proud of himself for getting into the recycle trash!

caught in the act
havin' fun
good to the last drop

*There was no actual beer consumed buy the baby. The spill on his shirt is from his juice cup on the floor in the back if the pictures. The last picture is purely coincidental and used solely for comedic purpose.


Mom and Wife said...

Ummm beer much hehee Just wanted to point out that he is "chugging" from a different brand than is the CASE in the background. Yea we need to hang out!! (libby)

Deb said...

that was exactly the comedic relief i needed this morning. let me know if he ever needs a drinking partner (lol)

Kathy V said...

That is too funny. You are right the stain on his shirt does look like it could have come from the beer bottle. Too cute!!

Jendeis said...

Just wanted to say Congratulations and Job Well Done on being an Iron Commentor. What an amazing achievement!

Sam said...

Ah, you're one of those crazy people - an Iron Commentator!! That's exhausting just thinking about it!!

P.S. Love the Boozy Baby!! ;-)

nancy said...


baby~amore' said...

we have a recycling bin beer bottle stealer in our midst too.
LOl very cute !