Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two Week Time-out

Sean was talking about kids in his school and how a lot of them get in trouble all the time. When they get in trouble he said his teacher would put them in time-out. So, of course I had to ask him about his behavior.

Me - Sean, who gets time-outs in school?
Sean - Kody and Logan.
Me - Do you every have to go to time-out?
Sean - No. Never!
Me - Are you sure?
Sean - Yes. Well, sometimes. Okay, like two weeks I was in time-out.

I was laughing so hard - I figure the truth is that he probably was in time-out somewhere between never and two weeks straight! I wonder if I will ever get a serious answer out of him!

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Mommy Meryl said...

there is nothing better that the stuff that comes out of our kids mouths!! I sometimes wish I was one of those Moms who always had a small spiral notebook with her and wrote down them all!