Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, National Comment Leaving Month (NCLM) started by Mel at Stirrup Queens ended yesterday. I have to pat myself on the back a little and admit that I received Iron Commentor status! here were 214 blogs on the list. I made a comment on each blog at least once a week! (minus the ones that were password protected and one that didn't update at all) It was hard and I am sleep deprived, but I did it! I am happy for it to be over because it was harder than I thought and really time consuming. But I am also sad because all of the wonderful comments that I received over the past month will soon taper off. I will be left with the big fat 0 comments staring back at me!

If you know me then you have to know I always find a bright side. A silver lining if you will. So, I can only hope a few NCLM readers will have enjoyed my blog and come back for regular visits. (please, please) I added a few to my blog roll and had a great time "meeting" so many new people. It was an emotional roller coaster through parenthood, new pregnancies, losses, and new babies! Some posts left me in tears and some had me roaring with laughter. A few of them made me really think. And then think some more. I love when people challenge my mind in positive way.

So, I say thank you to all my readers, both new and old. Thank you for the heartfelt comments and thank you for opening your blog and your life to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and will be back for more! I cannot wait until the next comment-leaving-a-thon! Note to self - start banking sleep now for IComLeavWe (international comment leaving week)


RM said...

Great job supporting so many other people with your comments!!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Catching up on Google Reader--could not be more proud of you for spreading all of that love. You are amazing. Iron! Unbreakable!

baby~amore' said...

congratulations - you are awesome Kim.
I will try to stop by as best I can.

Emily said...

Wow - you must have an iron will and time management skills - I'm seriously impressed.

I for one found you via NCLM and have bookmarked you in my reader and promise to continue reading and commenting!