Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Crime Scene

At first I was afraid to look closer when I saw this mess. I didn't really want to know what was running down my wall! It looked too purplish to be blood, so that was a relief! I got a little closer and still wasn't sure what it was. My first thought was that it looked kind of like bird droppings, yet we don't have a bird. Well, none that I know about anyway! I really hoped that the boys hadn't left a door open and let a bird in.

I got a baby wipe and picked up part of the mess on the window sill. After careful inspection, my fears were short lived! It was a mushy blueberry! I know that Sean was eating them earlier and quickly went to find him.

Me - Sean, why is there a blueberry on the wall.
Sean - (trying to look innocent) I don't know.
Me - Sean, I know you were eating blueberries.
Sean - Well, I only threw the yucky ones!
Me - What?
Sean - I don't like the squishy ones, so I throw them.
Me - Here is a wipe, go clean it up!
Sean - I always have to do this. I hate cleaning squishy blueberries!

I had to walk away before he saw me laugh! It was too funny! He acted like it was his horrible daily job to clean squished blueberries off of walls! I will gladly trade him some toilets to clean or wash to fold in place of cleaning a wall once in a while! He did a pretty good job cleaning up but I do know that this will probably not be the last of his messes that he has to clean up! I also found a few on the floor later in the day and I made him pick them up too! He made a face when he touched them like I was making him pick up poop or something! Kids!

the squished berry

point of impact

where it came to rest


korechronicles said...

Well, it makes a change from drawing on the walls with crayons. Too funny!

Here from NCLM, thanks for commenting on my blog.

abc123vn said...

Haha - oh the joys I have to look forward to!

seussgirl said...

Oh my! I hope they didn't leave any stains!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

theclam said...

Your boys are stunning! Going to break a few hearts I'm sure :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment.

seriously? said...

Oh my, you are a calm mother. My mother-in-law also raised three boys, each two years part from the other.

Thanks for visiting me. NCLM.

Lost in Space said...

Too cute. The drama of being a kid.

Amy said...

Love the drama...poor thing, having to clean up after himself...what torture! ;-)

So glad it wasn't bird poop. :-D

Rebecca said...

Oh that's too funny. Kids, indeed!

DC said...

Throwing the squishy ones sounds perfectly reasonable to me. ;)

Michelle said...

BOys! Too funny!!