Thursday, June 26, 2008

I like it, I like it!

Tonight I had a jewelry party. I was using it as a fundraiser for our adoption expenses. I had a pretty good turnout but not as good as I thought. I had more than a few no-shows and a few last minute cancellations and all of a sudden I am missing fifteen people! Ugh! I still made about $500 and got $500 in free jewelry too! So all in all, not a bad night!

Since I made enough money, I am going to sign on to be a sales representative. I am going to try to start a business and hope that it will pay off. I have to invest $199 to sign on. Since I earned about $500 at the party, that brings my commission to $301, plus I get the $500 in jewelry credit too! So I look at it like I put out $199 but got $301 and tons of great jewelry. Even if I never book another party or never have another one of my own, I am still ahead. If I didn't sign on I would only get the $500 in free jewelry, so the investment was worth it to me.

As many of the representatives do, I am also willing to trade hostess jewelry rewards for equal cash value if you want to raise money for a charity or for adoption or for IVF or for something you are in need of! Even if you live 500 miles away, you can view the jewelry on my website (should be up next week) and I can send you a few catalogs. After your party, you can e-mail the sales info to me. I am going to set up a PayPal account for those that don't want to share personal payment information with me. You win by getting cash for what you need, and I win by earning jewelry to help my business! I also win by finding a way to give back!

I am excited and have already booked a few parties! I can even do long distance catalog parties and receive commission even on single order sales! The company says that the jewelry sells itself and after seeing it, I am a believer! Anyone want to have a party and help to bring Kathryn home? Oh, and earn yourself some great jewelry too! Wish me luck!

If you want to have a party or just want to order something to help out the cause, send me an e-mail to jewelry.kimberly at gmail dot com.


Sam said...

Just had a quick look at the Silpada website - they only have a small selection to see online, but I like what I see!!

I don't suppose you'd ship to the UK!?

Cathleen said...

Wow. I'm impressed. I'll have to request a catalog and see if I can find something... :)