Monday, June 9, 2008

Show-and-Tell #2

Show and Tell
Here is my show-and-tell for this week. I stumbled upon this in the grocery store last week. I actually walked by and did a double take. I took the can into my hands and smiled. Memories flooded my mind and I was taken back to much younger years. Taken back to a time when my Grandmom, or Gram as we called her, was still with us. I miss her almost daily. We had such a special relationship and I know she would love that my daughter will share her name.

She always had Dainties hard candies. I remember searching through for my favorites like it was yesterday. Gram would always let me have a bowl to dump some into if I couldn't find what I wanted. I liked to find the pickles, the fish, the red cinnamon squares. So, foreseeing wonderful memories instilled in my kids, I put the can into my cart with a spring in my step.

Well, my spring was soon sprung. I was so excited to get home and share my wonderful treasure with Brian and Sean. I really talked up the surprise and I could see the excitement in their eyes. I took out the can and they just stared at it and then and me, and so on. If we were on a television show there would be crickets now chirping.

I thought that maybe, they didn't recognize good candy from the packaging so I quickly took off the lid and showed them the booty inside. They were still not impressed. I showed them the thin ones with chocolate in the middle, the pickle, the fish and the colored squares. Still nothing. I really thought that I might cry.

Okay, maybe they just needed to taste a piece. Maybe I hadn't been that excited until I tasted it either. Brian took a pickle after I assured him that it was not pickle flavored and Sean picked the fish because it had yellow in it. As the put the pieces into their mouths, I stared at them so I didn't miss their reactions.

Let's just say they were less than thrilled. Brian said it was okay and later threw his away and Sean spit his out right away. I was so disappointed. Their taste buds have been ruined by Airheads and Nerds and Baby Bottle Pops. I cannot imagine the same emotions evoked in them when they are parents and see a bag of glow in the dark sour gummy worms. It just cannot be the same. They don't know good candy when they see it. Oh well, more for me!!!


my favorites

After searching for some information on these candies. I came across some others that Gram used to have too! Boy did I love the Barley Toy lollipops. I am sure my kids would think they tasted even worse than the hard candy. I will have to see if I can find some of them. I also found chocolate straws! Yum! I love that little things can bring back so many happy memories and just make my day! Does anyone remember having these as a kid?

Barley Toys

Chocolate Straws


SAHW said...

This reminds me of something that happened to me when I was younger. My parents hate cheese, and I love cheese, but there is a special type of cheese that they grew up eating. Once someone had brought some from "back home" for them, and my mom was so excited and told me how delicious it was. I took one bite and spit it out - it was disgusting! I guess my taste has been spoiled by American cheese, lol.

nutsinmay said...

Oohh, nostalgia. I am now remembering all my favourite candies. I grew up in Italy, and cannot find a single candy I knew and loved here in Britain. So sad.

Thank you for your kind thoughts on my blog. They are much appreciated.

donna said...

I didn't recognize the Dainties until you showed them out of the can. I think that is a true Grandma candy, since I remember them from my grandmother's house too.

starsgoblue said...

I remember those, too but I never see them anywhere. My grandparents always had them at their house. Isn't it amazing how something so simple and trigger a great memory?

PJ said...

The chocolate straws are the only ones that are familiar to me...But it is funny how tastes change with the generations. Can't imagine what kids will enjoy as candy in another 20 years!!!

Thanks for stopping by (NCLM)

DC said...

How fun!! :)

Betty M said...

None of these are familiar to me. Its strange who childhood candies are still so country specific. I remember the uproar when our Marathon was Americanised into Snickers and Opal fruits into Starburst - they were never quite the same afterwards.

Thank you for coming by my blog during NCLM and for your thoughts.

La La said...

How come grandmas always have the BEST candy!? Those look awesome! I'm going to have to search for those myself!

Alyson & Ford said...

I don't remember any of those candies; we didn't have them..... Sorry your family didn't like them!!

Alyson LID 01/27/06 (IA China)