Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Boy!

These are some before and after pictures of Justin's first haircut yesterday! He looks so cute and, sigh, so much older. It is amazing how just a little trim can transform a baby into a toddler and I didn't even cut much off! His eyes seem to 'pop' even more and I have to both smile and cry when I see how much he is growing up! My Mom trimmed a bit of the front Saturday and I did the rest on Sunday. I got him to sit still by putting him in his high chair and giving him two off limits toys. Yep, the telephone and the remote. Boy was he happy! So happy in fact that he barely noticed me cutting his hair! We start the bribery young around here!!!



Emily said...

so sweet! Scary how he does look older! Time flies!

SAHW said...

Wow, you're right! He actually does look much more like a toddler. Still very cute...but more toddler cute than baby cute. :)

Portia P said...

Gorgeous pics.

I'm here via nclm.


Lori said...

I used to think BF Skinner was a whackjob.

But now, as a parent, I think bribery, a/k/a "positive reinforcement," is brilliant!

Cute boy, BTW.

Rebecca & Nathaniel said...

Very cute. They are growing up so fast!

Betty M said...

Cutie! I haven't worked up to cutting my little one's hair yet and he is 18 months - I just love his curls.