Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mel's Show and Tell

These photos were taken last Tuesday. My show and tell is that I had seven kids ages seven and under in my house - all day long! Brian and A are seven, K is six, Sean is 4, T is two and a half, M is two, and Justin is 13 months. Oh, and all the kids were boys except for M - par for the course around here! The trick was to keep them busy and to keep a close eye on them! The boys had a blast with all the kids to play with! If you have something to share - click on the Show and Tell button on the sidebar of my blog!

Brian, Sean, A, T and K
M and Justin
(I had hard time getting them in the same shot!)


Lori said...

And you lived to tell...

What's your secret? Vodka or gin?

T&W said...

Looks like so much fun!

I've tagged you for the Six Word Memoirs!! Check it out!

Lee said...

My head hurts just thinking about that!