Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday is for Scategories

I used to play Scategories all the time and really love it! Calli has a weekly game and I decided, and had time to, play today! COpy, paste and play along, then link back to Calli and to hear so I can be sure to read yours!

Use the first letter of your Mother’s name (first or middle) to answer each of the following.

1. What is your Mother’s name? Pam
2. Something you would find in the freezer section? pizza
3. A beverage enjoyed in the summer? pink lemonade
4. A word to describe your butt? plush
5. Something you would find in your garden? petunia
6. Something a cat would drag in? peacock - hey it's a bird!
7. A favorite book title? Pride and Prejudice
8. A fancy entree at your favorite restaurant? pasta with lobster cream sauce
9. Something that is on your amazon wish list? pink car seat
10. Something you have hidden under your bed? placemats (lol)

1 comment:

Nit said...

Oohhhh...this does look like fun! I will back later to play :)