Friday, September 18, 2009


이슬 is Kathryn's Korean name. Is is romanized as Yi Seul. Most families get the meaning of their child's name in their referral paper work. We did not. So after some searching I learned that it means dew. According to Webster's dictionary - dew is "moisture condensed upon the surfaces of cool bodies, especially at night." But the second meaning is "something resembling dew in purity, freshness or power to refresh."

So, I guess her name means dew, but more like something fresh and pure, not a drop of water. I think that it is really beautiful. And even more so because Yi was from her birth father and Seul from he birth mother!

As far as I know, Yi is pronounced like Yee, and Seul is pronounced like Sool, you pronounce the "oo" like in book. I found out that many families who travel take video of the foster family saying their child's Korean name. I thought that was a wonderful idea!

To simplify things we have decided to put the two parts of her name together as one, so YiSeul. I think this will make things less confusing for her later in life. Kathryn Julia YiSeul has a nice ring to it!

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Anonymous said...

That's a really beautiful name, and I love the idea of videoing her foster family saying it. It'll be a nice thing for her to watch when she's older too.