Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Care Package to Korea!

Well, all the searching paid off! I did find a soft doll with brown eyes and brown hair! So, I bought two! It was included in a care package I sent to Kathryn in Korea. I also included disposable cameras, a disposable video camera, and outfit, pjs, a blanket, a soft picture book with pictures of us in it, a few toys and a letter thanking the foster family. I also included a box of tea bags for the foster family too. The package will arrive Monday morning! Kathryn has a well visit some time the end of next week, so I really hope they can get it to her by then!

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the contents of the box before I sent it! I may have to go to the store and take a picture of the outfits! A lot of people get pictures of the baby with the care package and sometimes wearing the clothes! I cannot wait to see how she is doing and to get an updated height and weight for her! Hopefully we will get a photo too! I was told we will get the well baby report 1-2 weeks after her visit. I cannot wait!

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