Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun Facts

Just some neat things I have been thinking about since we got our referral call!

- The night before the call I made my Granadmom's famous Lemon Pound Cake to take to brunch with friends the next day. I haven't made the cake or even thought of the recipe in years! Kathryn is named after my Grandmom!

- The morning of the call I was headed out to meet friends that already have their babies home from Korea. I was going to get my "baby fix." Boy did I surprise them!

- My birthday is also on the 21st day of the month - hers March and mine May. And our birth months both start with 'M"!

- My brother's birthday is March 22, one day after Kathryn's. My brother has a daughter whose birthday is May 20, mine is one day after on May 21.

- Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the day Brian and I got engaged

- I looked back at my blog and the day Kathryn was born I was out shopping for new running shoes with my Mom. I love that we were out together having a great time when Kathryn entered the world! (Well if you account for the 12 hour time difference, I was actually in bed asleep, but I am not counting that!)

- The referral phone call came at 10:32 am, I was born at 10:30 am

- Kathryn's paperwork describes her as having large, beautiful eyes. I cannot tell you how many people comment on my boys' big beautiful eyes!

- I cannot stop staring at her picture and got no sleep last night just thinking about my daughter! I have a daughter! I have 4 kids! I am so excited!!!!

It is amazing how true the things people say to comfort you during your wait really are. The months and months of waiting seem like nothing now. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. And it is true that once I saw her that I new she was right for us. So many things about her and her history fit perfectly into our family! Okay, now I am crying again.

This experience has been so emotionally draining and trying. And now I can add wonderful and rewarding to the adjectives! I long to hold her in my arms and wish more than anything that we could get on a plane right now to see her!

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