Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three Boys in a Room!

I cannot believe that I forgot to blog about this! Last Friday we moved Justin into the boys' room. We decided to make the change on a weekend so that if things went badly wrong, there would be no school the next day. Good thing we did this.

Well, the first night was, um, interesting to say the least. Brian and Sean thought it would be fun to throw stuffed animals at Justin. And of course, Justin had to return the favor. It only took about ten minutes for complete pandemonium to set in; from outside the door you would swear there were a bunch of monkeys gone wild in the room!

I stood outside and listened for a few minutes and then went into the room. Brian and Sean were out of their beds and running around the room. They froze and looked at me through frightened eyes. They both quickly scrambled to their beds. Justin, however, continued to laugh and jump in his crib. I guess I have not instilled the fear into him yet!

I got the boys all tucked in again and started down the steps. I hit step number three, from the top, and the wild animals were back. This time the older boys remained in their beds, but things were flying all around the room! It took about 10 times of Brian and I going into the room before they were quiet. The good news was that it was quiet for the rest of the night!

Then next night was a bit better, but not much. Each night we saw a bit of improvement. This Friday and Saturday were really great. Tonight was a different matter. We were back to step one. The monkeys were visiting again. I guess I left a window open?

Justin is definitely the instigator. We hear him yelling to Brian and Sean. He yells, "Wake up boys!" and "Hi boys!" He also asks them to get him out of the crib! I am pretty sure they would never do this, because they know the Wii and their Pokemon cards would all be on e-bay!

Part of the problem is that the latches on the crib are broken. My brother forgot to mention this when he said we could borrow the crib. So, when Justin holds onto the rail and jumps up and down, the upper part of the front side folds down. Wait, folds down sounds like he is opening a box. I should say, crashes open with such force that the windows crack. Yep, that is more like it.

The side crashed a few times tonight. I tried to tie the side up with socks - too stretchy. I tried to fix the latch - still broken. I ordered new ones - not here yet. Nothing seemed to be helping!

After Brian went up to put the side up for the third time, I told him to leave it down. Only about five minutes passed before we heard an even louder noise. A huge thud on the floor. It could only be one thing. Justin tried to climb out with the side down! Either that or the monkeys invited an elephant over.

Brian and Sean were in their beds scared. We picked up Justin and he was okay, just a little shaken, but not stirred! Then the light bulb above my head finally flickered on. I think I have one of those newer energy saving light bulbs - not instantly bright, but eventually it out-shines the rest!

The solution was in front of me all the time! Turn the crib around! I put the side that folds down against the wall! So, even if he jumps, has monkeys in the bed with him, and the latch releases, the wall will hold!At least I think it will.....


Anonymous said...

I hope that turning the crib around helps to keep the monkeys quiet :) Good luck.


Jacksmom said...

I'll beat your heart skipped a beat when you heard the 'thud'. Mine would have!!!

Kristin said...

Oh man, I have three boys too and I so identify with the "monkey" phenomena. My youngest is my wild child too and it definitely makes life interesting.


April said...

I hope your monkeys settle down soon! It sounds like a wonderful house full of boys though.