Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kathryn Update!!!!

I was so surprised this afternoon to find an e-mail with the title Medical Update in my inbox! Kathryn had her well baby check on September 10th! I thought it was going to be this week, and I still had about two weeks left to wait for the report!

Kathryn is doing very well! She weighs 17.6 lbs and is 26.2 in. long! She is getting so big! The report says she is "cute & fine", which I have recently found is the comment of choice for the doctors in Korea!

She is taking 170 ml (almost 6 oz) of formula every three hours - I really hope that is only daytime hours! It does not say she is eating any solid foods, but my boys didn't get solids until 6 months either!

The report says she is lifting her head from a prone position, can push up on her arms from her belly and support a moderate amount of weight on her legs. Her head doesn't lag when pulled to a sitting position from her back and it says she is beginning to creep.

She can track objects well, put her hands together in front of her, and reach for and grasp objects. It says she smiles responsively to others, knows faces, and knows her own hand. She coos and laughs and is even babbling umma and appa (mom and dad in Korean).

It is so wonderful to have and update and to read that she is doing so well. That just warms my heart! But it also makes me sad that she is growing up without me. I cannot wait to meet her!

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

Wonderful update! It's hard knowing you are missing out on things but like a friend told me you will be there for the things that she will be old enough to remember--hope that helps a little.