Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sports Craziness

I can now write this because I have had a few days to calm down. Sean had a soccer game on Monday night and event though they won and he scored the winning goal, it was a horrible game. There was a kid on our team and two on the other team that took rough to a whole new level. Soccer became a full contact sport.

They were pushing and tripping, and falling on the ball on purpose to steal it away from another player. Every time Sean, or any of the other kids, got the ball some one took them out. And if that were not bad enough, neither their parents nor their coaches did anything about it!

If the kid pusheds a bit once or twice, that is one thing. They are only in Kindergarten. I realize that soccer is more like a swarm of bees at this age, but it should at least be civil. And when the game crosses the line from civil to barbaric, then someone should do something.

If my kids ever act like that at any time, sports field or playground, you can bet they will be led off the field by their ears. Can't you just picture it, me with a forced smile and my kid screaming as I drag him through the parking lot!

Yes, that is what will get people to talk. Wow. A mom disciplining her child. What a concept! Can you believe she is taking him out of the game. And, gasp, punishing him for inappropriate behavior!

Kids will be kids, I understand that. And there is a lot of falling down when kids start to play soccer. But don't chalk a kid's rough behavior up to excitement or competitiveness. When they are purposely trying to hurt other kids, then that it when the line needs to be drawn.

Luckily, this time no one got hurt. And with the commotion of the game ending, I did not get to talk with the coach. But I will at the next practice. Kids should be allowed to play sports in a town setting without getting beat up. Right?


Lisa RM said...

This is the stuff I fear most about having a boy. DH was a huge sports nut in school, and things have just changed since then. Rougher, earlier, just *more* and I don't want to see any injuries or long term damage. We're trying to compromise on soccer (DH was football and rugby), but who knows.

Lynn said...

I hate to see games where the kids are so rough! There's no need for it. I know they will fall and have accidents, but you're very right that when the parents and coaches stand by and let them act this way, they only learn that its okay and no one thinks they are doing anything wrong. Hopefully, you'll be able to get the coach to see this! Good luck!


FET Accompli said...

So frustrating when kids get rough and their parents don't discipline them - it's so inappropriate!


Kari said...

I wish people would better convey to their children that you can be competative without being rough. Nice to meet you and you have a beautiful family and I'm sure you're anxious to have Kathryn join you at home!!