Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nesting in Overdrive

I have been cleaning and sorting like a crazy animal. You know you are seriously nesting when you are compelled to pull out the refrigerator and clean the dust from underneath it. And raisins, although they might have started their life cycle as grapes in our kitchen. I was actually surprised that I didn't find anything more interesting under there!

Then the boys helped me to move the couch and other living room furniture to vacuum and dust behind them. I cleaned the baseboards and some of the kitchen cabinets. I dusted the windowsills and even took the cushions off the couch and chair to vacuum under them. Under the cushions I found a ton of cracker and pretzel type crumbs, a spoon, two match box cars, a Lego guy, and an extra Lego guy's head, a few Cheerios, a paperclip and a pencil. Not too bad!

After the living room and kitchen were in order, I moved onto the boys' room. Brian Sr. and his friend got a crib and dresser from my brother on Monday. I have not put the crib together, because I wanted to clean the room, move some furniture around, and also shampoo the carpet. I did all that yesterday and still have not put the furniture together yet. (Um, did not accomplish very much today due to the fact that a certain Rock Band game came out today for Wii)

So, tomorrow will bring a lot of progress for the boys' room. I want to assemble the crib and hope to transition Justin into there this weekend. I ask him if he is excited to sleep with his brothers and he says no. So we will see! I did get him Lightning McQueen sheets, so maybe that will win him over. The crib converts to a toddler bed, so we have a few years until we need to think about rearranging things again!

After that it is onto Kathryn's room. I am so excited to really decorate a nursery. We didn't know the sexes of the boys, so all of them had a basic yellow and blue room. It had a starts and moons theme with some Winnie the Pooh thrown in. I have to finish organizing the clothes I have for her too. I have been given stuff up to size 6 and really need to get that stuff out of the room and into bins!

I have a lot of work ahead of me in the next few months, and I am so excited about it! It will definitely make the time go quicker when I am busy! I have actually had moments where I think about getting on a plane to Korea right now. I know I cannot, but just for a second it seems like such a great idea. To see her face for real. To hold her in my arms. To tell her how much she is loved. Sigh.....

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

It will be so much fun to decorate her room and get her things ready. I know it really helped me with the wait. We always thought it would be a boy cause most are when you are down for either. So when they said girl I went a little crazy with pink and brown. So after 3 boys you should have a great time going pink!