Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paper work Approved!

Of course, I tracked my acceptance package to Oregon. It was signed for at 9:59 am! So glad that it made it!

Then, I got an e-mail from our agency this afternoon at 4:16 pm. This is what it said, "Thought you would like to know we received your acceptance papers, and all is well, they will be on their way to Korea in tomorrow's Fed-X. Enjoy your holiday week-end. Warm regards."

You bet I will enjoy this weekend knowing that our acceptance paperwork is making its way to Korea! I am so excited and so happy that everything was in order. If there had been any mistakes, we would have had to wait until next Friday for the batch to go to Korea! Woo-hoo!

Also, if you are close to getting a referral - go now and buy some extra paper and extra ink cartridges for your printer! I cannot believe how much paper I used!

I am still waiting on some of the stuff that comes regular mail...hopefully in the next few days!

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

Yay--one step closer to your baby girl!