Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Full Day

Today was rough. Kids were grumpy and tired. The boys did not want to get up this morning. I think the newness of school was over on that first day. There is nothing exciting and fun about the second day of school. The reality of waking up early for another 179 day had set in.

When they finally got out of bed at about 7:50, they could not make up their minds about what they wanted for breakfast. Cereal, no. Toast, no. Pancakes, no. Waffles, no. PopTarts, no. I was about to lose it. I tried to lighten the mood and asked them if they wanted steak or potato salad. They stared at me through sleepy eyes as if I had grown an extra head. After threatening to take away Legos and Pokemon cards, they decide upon cereal and waffles.

They did get dressed without incident, although I was expecting a meltdown from Brian. Luckily, he was okay with the Phillies t-shirt! Sean wore is Empire Strikes Back t-shirt, I knew that one would be a hit!

When it was time to leave, they were both whiny again! It was a beautiful fall morning, so I thought that we should walk. We are talking a matter of blocks, maybe a ten minute walk. It was far from asking them to trudge through eight inches of snow. Uphill. Barefoot! Brian drug his feet the whole way to school and he was close to being late. I hope he learned his lesson!

Sean was happy to walk home to play. He is in afternoon Kindergarten and had about 4 hours until school. When it was time for us to walk him, he was pleasant and seemed happy to be going to school. He asked what I thought he would do to day and wondered which toys they would be allowed to play with.

All was well getting Sean to school and playing on the playground after school. The big problems started when Brian was told to do his home work before soccer practice. You would have thought I asked him to stab 456 needles into his arm. He threw himself on the floor and whined and cried! I could not believe him! He hasn't acted like this in so long.

After many more meltdowns, he finally finished his home work just in time to get to soccer practice. I really home tomorrow brings better behavior, I cannot take many more days like this! I know the first full day of school was stressful and they both have to adjust to a more strict routine. Wish us luck!

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