Thursday, September 17, 2009

Offical Stalker

It's happened. I am an official mail box stalker. I also jump to the window when I hear the FedEx truck on our street. I am so anxious to get Kathryn's legals! It is what we are waiting for to get the ball rolling here on the US side. I have the I-600 forms filled out and just need the legals to send it to USCIS. Our agency says they can arrive anywhere from 2 weeks after referral up to about 2 months! I think the average is about 4-5 weeks though. So, hopefully they will be here in the next week or two!

After that we will wait for the approval of our I-600 and I will again be stalking the mailbox. This approval should also take about 4 weeks, but sometimes it comes faster!

(if all this paper work mumbo jumbo is confusing you - go back to this post for further explanation.)

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