Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blue Eyed Blonds

I have to say I am surprised, outraged, and speechless all at the same time! I have been searching and searching for a soft doll for Kathryn. You probably think I am nuts because there are soft dolls all over the place. And you are right. The problem is that 95% of the ones that I have found have blond hair and blue eyes! Does 95% of the population really have blond hair and blue eyes? Darker hair and eyes are dominant, so I would think more people in the world would have darker eyes and hair.

My daughter is Korean - I cannot send her a blond haired, blue eyed doll! But it still really bugs me that they don't make more soft baby dolls with different eye and hair colors! Not to mention skin tone, I only found very fair skinned dolls, even with brown hair and brown eyes!

I guess this is just one more example of what I small world I have been living in. I have blue eyes and light brown hair (blond with the highlights to cover the grey!). When I was a kid, I picked out the dolls with blue eyes and blond hair. I never really thought about it before! Kathryn is teaching me things already, and she doesn't even know it!


Tamar SB said...

Hi Kim,

I hear what you're saying! I know that some school/toy suppliers sell multi-cultural dolls. Which include all skin tones and ethnicities. Maybe if you contact one of them you will find a doll you have in mind.

One such supplier off the top of my head is Constructive Playthings.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
Pottery Barn Kids sells soft dolls and you pick skin and hair color. Marley has one and loves it:)
Hope this helps,

Waiting4OurAngel said...

I know exactly what you mean. Here is a site where we got Hannah's lovey from--lil hugs. She sleeps with every night since being home. I gave it to her at the airport.

Renee said...

We're also waiting to travel to bring home our little girl from Korea. I've been looking at this website. It has some really cute Asian Baby Dolls.