Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sean's First Soccer Game!

The rain finally stopped and Sean was happy to see the sun this morning! He was excited and nervous about his first soccer game! At his age, they practice for about 30 minutes and then play a game for another 30 minutes. Well, the practice was fine, but when it came time for the game, no one showed up. I guess they were scared off by the wet fields. And when I say wet, I mean swamp like.

All the kids were soaked. They were covered in mud and slime. Sean's cleats are still wet inside, even after being out in the sun for two days! Hopeful the sun will stay around and dry up the fields a bit for Monday's game!

Brian also had a scrimmage this afternoon. His team looked great and they tied 2-2. Brian had the first goal and was very excited!

Time to say goodbye to my life for a bit - Monday - Sean game, Tuesday - Brian practice, Friday - Brian practice, Saturday - Sean game, Sunday - Brian game! So, we have Wednesday and Thursday until about Thanksgiving!

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