Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soccer or Rugby?

I am not going to mention the exact name of the town, in case someone is reading, but Brian had a rough soccer game today. The kids from the other team were pushing and hip checking. They were grabbing shirts and throwing kids to the ground! I was beyond outraged! And the referee really didn't do much to stop it. So, the parents on our team got, understandably, a bit vocal and the other team's parents got angry. Our team was yelling to watch how rough the kids were and the other team was calling us "stupid" and "ignorant".

I know neither side was completely right. But I did not hear our team's parents doing any name calling. As a parent, it is hard to keep your mouth shut when kids on your team are falling to the ground left and right. And the sad part is by the 2nd half, our kids were playing a bit rough too. They almost had no choice. It was a close game and I was going crazy the whole game! In the end we won 7-5, but it was back and forth the whole game!

Maybe the loss will teach them that you don't have to beat up the other team to win a game. Then again, maybe not. Especially if the parents and coaches see no problem with it! Ugg!

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