Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Food

I had to laugh while walking the boys to school today. Brian and Sean had each had pancakes and a glass of apple juice for breakfast. The pancakes, of course, were home-made. Well, not that morning. But I do make all of our pancakes and waffles from scratch. I just make a few dozen at a time and freeze them. No, not because I am one of those wholesome moms who doesn't believe in microwaves. I do it out of necessity for Sean's food allergies. And it is good for the wallet too!

But, allergies set aside, it does make me feel good. I know love went into their pancakes and waffles. And they were made with healthy ingredients - whole wheat flour, soy milk, eggs, and a dash of canola oil. I feel like I have given them a better breakfast than Auntie J of the l'eggo people. I am not saying their products are unhealthy. Just not as healthy as mine are!

So, back to my original story...Justin usually sleeps in a bit in the mornings. By the time he gets up, I barely have time to change him, make him a bottle, and strap him in the stroller for the walk to school. When it is raining he gladly has his breakfast in his car seat! (No comments about my 16 month old on a bottle please.) This is good because he gets a bit more sleep and also good because there is just a little bit less chaos in the already hectic mornings.

As I said, I had to laugh on our walk to school. Here was baby number three at the mercy of everyone else's schedules. He had his bottle of milk and half of a Pop Tart - where he found that, I don't want to know. He could probably find a few Cheerios in the stroller or car seat for the ride home too!

I remember with Brian and even with Sean, making them great breakfasts of waffles and pancakes. Eggs and oatmeal. Fresh fruit cups and even a cream cheese dipping sauce for it. Homemade oatmeal and sliced bananas sprinkled with a bit of sugar.

But what Justin has that Brian and Sean didn't is two big brothers that love him very much. Brian was so little when Sean was a baby. It is really neat to watch how great they are with him. Little brothers are cool - even if they do eat old Pop Tarts and neglected cereal!

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Anonymous said...

LOL - too funny that you ask for no comments about a 17 month old a bottle. Alex still takes a bottle at night and she will be 20 months at the end of October. Throughout the day, it's a sippy. But, you ought to see the face she gives me if I try to give her a sippy in her bed. She puts those eyebrows down, takes the sippy and throws it across the room. I take that as a clear indication that she's willing to give it up during the day but at night - GIVE ME MY BOTTLE MOM! So, because she's my "baby" and so durn cute, I give in. I have told myself at 24 months no matter what kind of a fit she throws, no bottles. We shall see what she says since she will be talking better by then. LOL.