Thursday, September 25, 2008

Consignment Shopping

I decided a few weeks ago to start taking some of the clothes that Justin outgrows to a consignment shop. Basically, you take the items, they check for stains, and then they put it on a rack to sell. If the item sells, I get 50% and the consignment shop gets 50%. Not such a bad deal. And an easy way to make a few bucks with minimal effort needed on my part!

And I have found some great deals for my boys - and future girl too! I got Brian a long sleeve Under Armor mock neck shirt for $6.00! I got a few sundresses and cute jumpers for a few dollars each! And I got Justin that Fisher Price Bounce Around Zebra ride on toy for $10.00 - it retails for about $40! And all things are like-new and gently used!

I have tried selling things on e-bay but it is so hard to get to the post office a few times a week. And then you have to deal with the people. You know the ones that expect the item shipping out the next morning, overnight express but only want to pay $2.95 for shipping. I have no idea why people need a baby outfit within two days. I say if you want it that quickly get your butt to the store and pay retail! I may try it again some day, but for now I have had my fill of mean, ignorant people!

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