Friday, September 19, 2008

He speaks!

Justin is finally adding some words to his vocabulary of cave man like grunts. He doesn't use them very often but his mispronounced syllables are like music to my ears. His uh-oh is very clear and precise now. He says mom more clearly too. And he added bot (bottle), grandmom, more, hat, and bus! He is on a roll now. Oh, and he also says yum when he wants something that you have to eat or drink.

This whole not talking thing is so foreign to me. Brian and Sean were close to speaking in sentences by 16 months and he is just starting with a few words. I know neither is better than the other and they all develop in their own time and to their own potential. It is really strange to have a less verbal child! But what he lacks in language he makes up for in happiness. Justin is almost always smiling, well unless he doesn't get his way! Seriously though, most of the time he is so laid back and easy going. He is happy to just be, wherever that is!

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