Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer and Football!

Two big games today! Brian had his first travel soccer game and my nephew Joe started in the first game of his NFL career! Joe's game was at 1:00 pm and Brian's was at 3:30. We listened to the first half of Joe's game on the radio at home. We got Sirius just to be able to hear the games since we don't get Baltimore games on our local stations! It is going to be hard not seeing him, but I guess the next best thing is listening!

After half time we had to go to the soccer field and I brought the radio with us. We got the "boom box" so we can hear it away from the house and car! Joe had a great game! He was 15 for 29 with no interceptions, and passed for 129 yards! He even rushed 38 yards for a touchdown!!! Go Joe! I heard an interview with him after the game and I could hear the excitement just exploding from his voice! We are all so happy for him, and of course so proud!

Brian's team played well but lost 3-1. The other team was really good and you could just tell they had a lot more experience than we did. Brian had 2 shots on goal and one assist! So, all in all, he had a great game! The couch wants him to try goalie next game and he is not too sure about it!

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Kathy V said...

My brother used to love playing goalie for his team. plus he was pretty good at it and nobody else ever wanted to be goalie. They all wanted to have the chance to run after the ball instead of standing there waiting for the ball to come to them.

That is exciting about Joe too. I bet the boys got a kick out of hearing about him on the radio. I am sure you will be able to watch some of the baltimore games on television. If nothing else, when the eagles play Baltimore.