Friday, September 12, 2008

What is that Smell!

I have been searching for a smelly object in Brian and Sean's room for a few days now. It smelled like a hamster cage that hadn't been changed in far too long. It was an old urine smell. On the first day that I discovered the smell, Brian had wet the bed and I was sure once I got his sheets washed that the smell would go away. Nope.

So, the next day, I started walking around their room sniffing. I just couldn't figure our where it was coming from. The odor seemed to fill the whole room. I pulled out things from under their bed, in the closet and in every corner. Nothing. But the smell remained. I opened all the windows and turned on their ceiling fan. But the stench would not go away.

I figured there was a lost night-time pull-up somewhere but its location was still eluding me. I opened drawers and searched to the bottom of toy bins. I looked under their dressers and in the bookshelves. I pulled everything off of Sean's bed and even looked between the beds and the wall. Again, nothing.

Last night Justin was playing in the boys' room. Brian brought him down and I was getting him changed for bed. When I took his shirt off I smelled that same stink that was in the boys' room! After smelling each body part of Justin, I found that the disgusting odor was coming from his hands. I quickly washed them in the sink with soap and hot water.

After I put Justin to bed, I decided to search the boys' room again. Since the smell was on Justin's hands, I knew it had to be something he touched. I knew that it was not hidden somewhere. Brian and Sean were asleep and was trying to quietly look in their room. I walked around picking up different toys and things to smell them. I could not find the source of the smell anywhere. I tripped over a football helmet and Brian sat up in bed. I told him to go back to sleep and realized my quest for the stink would have to resume during daylight hours.

I was thinking about giving up and figured I would come across the smell one day! Then I went upstairs this morning to get clothes for the boys to wear to school. I picked up a few pieces of chalk off the floor that went to their easel. I tossed the chalk in the little bin attached to the easel and noticed that something was off. The chalk did not make any sound as it hit the plastic bin. I looked up and realized that the bin was full of liquid. I could feel my blood pressure rising by the second.

As I bent down to take a closer look, the horrible old urine smell almost knocked me out! I yelled for Brian and Sean to come upstairs. At first they both denied knowing anything about it. But Sean's eyes told me otherwise. He finally admitted to peeing in the bin. He said, "I couldn't make it all the way to the bathroom." Understand that the bathroom is right across a four foot hallway from their room. He then told me, "I didn't pee on the floor!" I am not sure if that would have been better or worse. I surely would have found the wet spot earlier than I found the easel bin full of urine.

Again, never a dull moment in the house with Sean! As weird as it may seem, I am not at all surprised that he did it and then didn't tell anyone about it! The worst part for me is that Justin was playing with old urine soaked chalk! At least he didn't put any in his mouth! See, I can find the upside to anything! Just trying to keep it real in the adventures of parenting!


Silver said...

I am sorry but I had to laugh at that one! :)

So glad you got rid of the smell.

The chalk thing is a little creepy though! :)

Sam said...

ha ha, but ewwwww!! And that's it - I'm never having boys!! ;-)

Rachel said...

WOW!!! Sean never ceases to amaze me!

Kathy V said...

Oh I am so sorry that you had to deal with this stink for weeks. You would have thought that even if he couldn't make it to the bathroom that he would have emptied it or something. Although atleast you finally found the problem! Sean seems to have all kinds of bathroom issues. Wasn't it a couple of weeks ago he was trying to poop outside in the grass! Atleast he keeps you on top of your game!!! You gotta keep on your toes with Sean!

The Broken Man said...

Wow, I thought all the urine stuff finished with potty training! How long have I got to look forward to all this for?

The Broken Man

Tracey said...

OH MY GOD!!!! You poor thing!!!!
I know the "smell" - my boys NEVER flush and it sits there for hours and the whole up stairs smells...

I hope you don't have this one again...