Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roc to the Vet!

Roc turned 10 this summer, so each yearly visit to the vet now scares me a bit. I am afraid that they will find something and tell me he is sick. But, my fears are unfounded for now. Roc is in perfect health, aside from putting on a few pounds. We have Justin to thank for that. He is constantly throwing food to him and shoving stuff off of the side of his high chair!

Roc got his rabies and distemper shots and is good to go for another year! Wonderful news! I still remember that hot day on July 5th when we got him. It had to be close to 100 degress and here we were in an unairconditioned animal shelter. No kill of course! We looked at all of the dogs and even took a few out to play with in the yard. None seemed like the right fit. Then the guy suggested a dog to us. He said if he didn't alreay have three dogs that he would take him home. We decided to give one more dog a try.

I knew Roc was the dog instantly! He had come from a family with kids who couldn't keep him anymore. The only negative listed was that he could climb chain link fences to escape - I liked this dog already! Roc came out into the yard and greeted us with plenty of licks and a wagging tail. He chased a ball and even dug in the dirt! Sold! We filled out the paper work and were accepted. But, we had to have a leash and a collar to bring him home. Brian thought we should return the next day, but one look at me told him differently.

So, to make a long story short. Animal shelter fifty dollars. Petsmart two hundred dollars. Life with a good dog, priceless!

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