Friday, September 26, 2008

Kickball Soccer

Brian had soccer practice tonight. They did the usual laps and drills and sprints. Then their coach divided them up into two teams. He put one in the field and told the other to line up behind a cone. Then he made two squares with cones in the field and on square in front of the boys in line. He called it Kickball Soccer!

The team in the line got to kick first. They had to run to the first square, then to the second one and score at the last one. The team in the field could only use their feet to pitch and catch and pass the ball to try to get them out. But the players on the two bases were like goalies and able to use their hands to try to get outs. They could also punt it to the player on the other base to try to get an out!

They boys had so much fun and didn't want to stop playing even though it was getting to dark to see! I thought that the coach had read this game in a book or seen it online. But he made the whole thing up himself. And even dragged his family to a school yard after dinner one night to work out the logistics of it! I hope the kids get to play it again! I am sure their begging will win the coach over one day soon!

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