Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School 2008

We had a smooth start for the first day of school! Brian and Sean were up early and ready for school with plenty of time. They were so excited - and a bit nervous. Brian went had to be in first and he got in line and quickly began to talk to his friends. He was excited to see them, some he had not seen all summer. When the bell rang, he filed into the building and gave me a smile and a quick wave. I waved back and managed to keep the tears back. My eyes did water a but nothing ran down my cheeks this year!

Sean's first day was a bit different. Brian and I got to go with him for a classroom tour. We spent an hour with him getting to know his teacher and looking at the classroom. Sean loved the snack and the hermit crabs! I know tomorrow will be more difficult when he goes in alone! Well, more difficult for me anyway!

Brian and Sean

Brian, Sean, and a not happy Justin
Brian in line

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