Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back Up That Blog!

As many of those blogs I read do, I use this as a baby book, as a memory keeper, as a record of my thoughts and feelings. I cannot imagine what I would do if I lost everything in this blog! I have thought about printing out pages or transferring the posts to a word document. But everything seemed like it would take so long! Then I was reading through my blogs today and found information about a company that backs up your blog - for free (well, up to 50MB).

And to give you a better idea if you are like me and 50MB means nothing to you - I have been blogging for almost 18 months and have 670 posts, some of which are quite lengthy. I just backed up my whole blog and used only 3.74MB. In other words, I have a whole 'lotta bloggin' to do before I run out of available space. I think there is a fee to restore, but well worth it! And I don't think it saves pictures, but they are all saved and backed up on my computer.

I went right over and signed up. Now I know I will sleep better knowing my precious words are safe and sound! Go ahead and click over!

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SAHW said...

Thanks for sharing this resource with us!! This is awesome! :)