Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Beach Fun!

Guess what? -more pictures of the kids on the beach! I love to take pictures, always have. Before I had Brian I took pictures of nature and buildings. Then when we got the dog, I filled up roll after roll of him. Sitting with flowers. Chasing a ball. Eating a biscuit. Sleeping. Basically everything. I still do snap a few photos of Roc here and there, but he really hasn't changed much in the last few years - a little more gray in the face is all! Enjoy!

Sean jumping up to avoid a wave
Sean in the waves
I love him looking back at the waves coming for him!
Brain working hard to boogie board
my three sons
Sean hurdling a hole
Justin and Dad Brian with his skim boardgetting ready to goafter many, many, many attempts-
he is doing it!again and again


LisaS said...

fun pics--you're making me look forward to my vacation even more, LoL!!

happy ICLW!

Rebecca said...

I really like that last photo. Looks like you've had a great trip!