Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beach House Times

Brian and Sean were very sedentary after a long day on the beach. They were pretty much couch potatoes for a while. After their rest, they then proceeded to eat everything in site! I could not believe how much they ate some nights. Sean at two hamburgers and then asked for more! Both of them were constantly eating snacks - and even downing plates full of fresh veggies! That is when I knew they were really hungry!

I snuck a few photos of Sean sitting with Blankie. I never expected him to be so attached to it at almost five years old. I know sweet moments like this will soon slip away so I wanted to capture them.

Sean and Blankiesmiling with Blankie
deep in thought
A little while later, I realized that they boys needed to brush their teeth. The following picture is Brian telling me that he had already brushed them. He said it first and then I laughed at him. I got the camera and asked him again. I told him I knew he was lying and he said he wasn't and how did I know? I showed him that the proof was in the pudding or in this case in the picture. I could tell by his face that he was surprised as to his expression on the picture in the camera! I bet even OJ couldn't have escaped this proof! What do you think?

I cannot tell a lie, or can I?

There was also a lot of time spent wrestling. You should not be surprised, I have three boys. That is what they do. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Wrestle. It just comes naturally to them. We moved the new coffee table out of the way and put a mattress in the living room on the floor. The boys loved watching TV on it, and, of course, holding wrestling matches!

wrestling with Justin

Part of the reason that the mattress was in the living room is because of the set-up in one of the bedrooms. I forgot to mention that I share a room with Justin. He is in a pack-n-play and all was well the first night until he woke up at 2:00 am and started playing. He noticed me and began to grunt and yell Mom at me. I tried to hide under the blankets and keep still. To no avail. I had to get up, tuck him back in and leave the room - this was at 4:20 am. The next day I racked my brain and came up with the following room divider.

Yes, I took the mattress off and moved it to the living room. I stood the box spring up as a divider and put the pack-n-play in the center of the frame. And just to be safe I put pillows around the metal frame. I still didn't sleep quite like a baby, but the rest of the nights were much better! Maybe I should write to a parenting magazine about my idea!


Kathy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog for your kind words on one of my recent posts.

Very cleaver idea w/ the room divider. I remember when my Sean (cool you also have a Sean) was a lot younger having the same problem sharing rooms with him on vacations. We use to put blankets over the side of his pack `n play to keep him from noticing us in our bed when he would wake up. Funny the things we do to try to get our kids to sleep more.

Fun pictures and stories from your vacation! Thank you for sharing!


theycallmebobby said...

OMG I was laughing so hard. We Mom's are the "fathers" of ingenuity (pun sorta intended LOL). Whatever works. Plus, you got a great play area for the boys and some sleep for Momma. Two birds!

Rachel said...

Very good idea...on both counts for sleeping privacy and wrestling. Ellie Kate is the same way now if we are in the same room with her...I will have to remember your idea...if there is an available mattress that is:)