Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three Boys and the Beach

A football, some sand, and of course a few waves were all that was needed for the boys to have a good time today! I guess I didn't need the cart filled with all the shovels, boats, sand castle molds, rakes, watering cans, plastic sharks and dinosaurs, buckets, racquets, bats, trucks, and cars. Good thing our house was only a few from the beach so I didn't have far to lug everything.

The water was so cold that it was instantly numbing but that didn't stop Brian and Sean at all. I guess it is true what they say - no sense, no feeling! I was amazed by how much Sean liked the water. He is usually a little more reserved when it comes to things like this. But, then, he had his big brother to follow. He was getting knocked down by waves, getting pushed underwater and splashed in the face - and he loved every minute of it!

Brian played football for hours. He pretended that the waves were the defense and he ran from them and jumped over them to avoid being "tackled." Sean is not such a sports nut, and just enjoyed playing in the waves. Brian tried to engage him in a game a few times and Sean did eventually play along for a few minutes but was not really interested. They are so alike at times and other times like night and day.

Justin really loved the sea gulls and went chasing them down the beach. Brian and Sean still love to run after the gulls and watch them fly away. Justin thought it was funny to pull his hat over his eyes and walk around bumping into things. I think he may be hanging out with Sean a little too much!

Oh, I have only taken about 250 pictures in the last two days - not too bad! Thank goodness I don't have to buy all that film!

Brian after getting splashed by a big wave
Sean swimming
Brian playing football
Sean running
I love the scrunched-up nose!
narrowly avoiding a tackle
just before the splash in the face
Justin thought it was funny to crawl
blowing bubbles
happy boy Sean
Brian taking a break
back to some football
Justin was fascinated by the sea gulls making drip castlessmiling BrianJustin kept pulling his hat over his eyes


Kathy V said...

I think the one of Brian resting in the raft is really funny. The feet sticking out the end is great.

Leendaluu said...

Adorable boys. You. Are. Blessed.

Echloe said...

Your children are adorable. Your son Brian playing football in the waves reminds me of when my brother was a little boy. So cute!


Jane said...

Great pictures! I too am glad that I took up photography in the digital age - can't imagine paying for film and I don't have the patience to wait for development either.