Friday, July 11, 2008

Polka Dot Funny

Okay, first this is a little embarrassing and second it was too funny not to post. When Justin gets up I usually nurse him in my bed before going downstairs. He is older now and it makes for less distractions for him. Most of the time I wear plain colored underwear. This day, for some reason I had on yellow underwear with bright polka dots. When Justin was finished eating he crawled off my lap and his foot got caught in my night gown. He tried to pull free and in the process got a flash of my underwear.

He started to go on, paused and then looked back. He came over closer to me and lifted up my night gown. He then proceeded to point to my underwear and laugh. Not just a smile but full blown shaking his belly giggles. I was in shock and then couldn't help to laugh along with him. Yes, my fourteen month old was laughing at his Mother's underwear. He did this over and over about ten times. Then I guess the moment had passed and he moved on.

It was so funny to me too. I don't know whether polka dots are funny to him or it was funny that he didn't see what he expected to see. I had replaced plain with dots! Now we have a new saying when something humorous happens. We ask, Was it just funny? or Was it polka dot funny? Feel free to adopt the saying!

It was such a neat glimpse into his personality. I cannot wait to see what he is going to be like as he grows up! Wait a minute, yes I can, I'm not quite ready to lose my baby!


Cathleen said...


I like your new saying!

Nit said...

Too cute! I agree that was polka dot funny! :)

Bugged said...

Too funny! And so adorable.

Aimee said...

Ha! You are very polka dot funny! And not just that story. The poop (OMG!!!!) and shoe parking had me laughing too. Thanks for making me smile today!!!

SAHW said...

That's hysterical! I love it when kids "joke". :)

Kathy V said...

That is so funny. Kids are so perceptive and how cute of him to notice. That is funny that he kept looking and laughing though.